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“Christmas in Brass” Concert: Sunday 10 December 2017


The Concert opened with the March Christmas Joy. The first half featured A Christmas Festival, the arrangement providing a medley of Christmas tunes. The audience joined in with the singing of Away in a Manger and O Come All Ye Faithful. The band included two new arrangements for soloists in the first half. Silent Night featured as a trombone solo from principal trombonist Marcus Holdsworth, while O Holy Night highlighted the delightful tone of the euphonium, played by David Walker. Both were popular inclusions.
White Christmas provided a pleasant ending to the first half.

The second half opened with An Australian Christmas by the Australian composer William G James who, in his time, was the Director of Music for the ABC. This was a Suite of three Movements, namely Carol of the Bird, The Silver Stars are in the Sky and Christmas Day. A new arrangement for flugel horn of Away in a Manger saw Doug Hoepper feature. The audience joined in again to sing along again to Hark! The Herald Angels Sing. The second half concluded with Georg Friedrich Handel’s For unto Us.
In all, nineteen numbers were presented to the audience who, by their applause, indicated that this Christmas in Brass program was enjoyed by all.

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